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I blatantly stole this meme from [livejournal.com profile] dreamdustmama and [livejournal.com profile] leashy_bebes! Here's hoping that it will force me to get my fandom act together someday.

The Works In Progress meme. Open your WIP file and post the names of all your documents, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.

-I Can't Believe You Wrote Torchwood Fic (This is seriously the name of the document.)
-Lily Angst
-Reg Angst
-Reg Rab DU Angst
-Remus Angst
-Sirius Angst (Sensing a theme?)
-Harry Ron Fic
-James Teddy Weasley Brawl Fic
-Next Gen Fenrir Prompt
-Sco Dark Mark Possible Outtake
-Sco Future ActionAdventure Fic
-Sco Outtake Twinkle
-Scorpius Weasley Sweater Outtake
-Teddy Candy Striper Outtake
-Teddy Charlotte Outtakes
-Teddy James
-Teddy James Doctor Who Fic
-Teddy James Funeral Fic
-Teddy James Drabble
-Teddy Romania Outtake
-Things Andro Said
-TiRN Outtake Can't Finish
-Weird Teddy James Photog Fic
-Weird TJ Benjamin Fic

Want to know the sad part? About eight of those documents are compilation documents that contain a million unfinished fics in themselves. Also, I even left off two that might be construed as TiRN spoilers. And these are just the ones from this computer. I am hopeless. Just absolutely hopeless.

Oh! On a ridiculous note, I found a floppy disk that I'm fairly sure contains all the Remus/Sirius fic I wrote when I was approximately fourteen years old. It can only be awesome. I just have to get to the library so I can open it.


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