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Title: Well...They've been affectionately titled 'Sobbing as an Entrée' and 'Creepy with a Side Order of Sobbing.' We're sure you'll be able to tell which is which. Hopefully.
Author: Your friendly TiRN writers, [livejournal.com profile] edgewareroad and [livejournal.com profile] clovermews.
Disclaimer: If they were really ours, someone would have resolved the awkward sexual tension between Potters and Malfoys years ago.
Pairing/Characters: Albus Severus/Scorpius Hyperion (, The Aftermath of)
Rating: We'll go with PG, but get ready for some tears.
Summary: Two outtakes from [livejournal.com profile] thisisreallynow. Both are post-break up angst. The Scorpius-centric piece is set the morning after this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/thisisreallynow/94152.html . The Albus-centric piece is set after the end of this thread: http://community.livejournal.com/thisisreallynow/99825.html .

Pick your poison:

Scorpius Malfoy hadn't intended to make a scene at the breakfast table. As a matter of fact, he had tried to avoid the breakfast table altogether by telling Twinkle that he wasn't hungry. His Mother, however, had different plans. She knocked at his door to inform Scorpius that he was expected at the table in ten minutes' time.

This enforcement of the unwritten Malfoy Family Dining Rules resulted in Scorpius's clenched jaw and less-than-pleasant demeanour as he took a seat in the Dining Room. When his Grandmother remarked upon his dishevelled appearance, Scorpius merely scowled. When he was passed the plate of eggs, Scorpius could not help but remember another breakfast during which he had stabbed half-heartedly at a plate of scrambled eggs. He could not help but remember the way Al had whispered reassurances his his ear before the last Quidditch match of the season, refusing to let go of Scorpius's hand. This is when Scorpius started to cry, his vision blurring as he looked determinedly at his plate. No one looked up at first, not until he ran out of air and was forced to let out a small, gaspy sob.

That was when his Father looked at him, first quizzically and then through narrowed eyes, and said, "You may be excused.'

Displays of strong emotion were not encouraged at Malfoy Family Breakfast.

Scorpius was still sobbing by the time his Mother had finished breakfast and made her way up to the closed door of her son's bedroom. Astoria Malfoy stood still for a moment, listening for the small sounds which would tell her whether her son was angry, scared, heartbroken. Sighing at her assessment of the situation, she rapped softly on the door three times.

"Leave me," said Scorpius, his voice slightly muffled by a pillow.

Ignoring this objection, Astoria turned the ornate knob and entered the room. Scorpius was curled face-down on his bed, his head buried in pillows and his shoulders shaking uncontrollably. His Mother sat down gently on the side of his bed.

Feeling the shift in weight, Scorpius made a slight attempt at curbing his outburst. Peeking one red-rimmed blue eye out of his cocoon, he blinked at Astoria. When she placed a reassuring hand between his shoulder blades, however, Scorpius began to sob afresh.

When he regained control over his voice, Scorpius choked out, "H--how can you st--and it? Y--you're not one of them!"

Astoria paused for a moment before answering, trying to recall a time in Diagon Alley when someone had spit at her son, called him a horrible name.

"Practise," she said finally, "You become good at turning the other cheek. And sometimes...sometimes, it's important to remember that you are your own person."

"Why did you marry him?" Now Scorpius looked up in earnest. His swollen eyes fixed upon his Mother's.

"Because I loved him, Scorpius. I love him. And sometimes love is stronger than a name, or parents, or stupid mistakes someone made in the past."

Scorpius averted his eyes, watched the tears splash onto his hands where they were curled in his lap. He bit his bottom lip to prevent a pitiful noise from escaping him and wished that love could be enough.

Astoria took one of his hands, and squeezed it gently before standing and primly flattening the skirt of her robes. "Now stop this," she said, "I don't care what some common witch muttered at you in a shop. I expect you to behave like a proper wizard."

As she walked from the room, Astoria hesitated for just a split second at the doorway, turned, and added, "At some point, you have to stop punishing yourself for being a Malfoy."

Scorpius could not help the way his face contorted with misery as she shut the door behind her. Casting a silencing charm on the room, he wailed until he was finally numb and he could make himself quiet.


Albus stood alone in the dark room, his thin shoulders bent over a cauldron, watching as the shining white liquid slowly begin to boil. He dropped in the final ingredient, powered asphodel, and watched as steam began rising slowly in unique circular patterns. The steam enveloped Albus entirely, circling around his head, and giving his upper body the appearance of being stuck in a cloud. He’d brewed it perfectly, and now, standing next to the simmering cauldron, he was revelling in the results.

Breathing in the fumes, Albus sat down and rested his head on the counter. He knew he had nothing to gain from this. Knowing how to brew Amortentia was not a requirement for class or for the NEWT. He really had no excuse for sitting in a dark corner of his potions classroom, surrounded in stream that smelled like Scorpius Mafoy’s shampoo.

It was creepy, really. Albus knew this, but he didn’t care. The past week had been a bloody nightmare. It was difficult enough just knowing Scorpius was in the same school as him, but being in the same room as him, having the same classes as him, and having to talk to him just made the dull pain in his chest tighten and ache more than it had before. Things were terrible. They were surrounded by awkward silences and uncomfortable glances. Even between classes, when they walked together through the corridors, Albus could feel Scorpius deliberately trying to remain an arm's length away. It had never been that way between them. They had spent the better part of the last six years as close as they could possibly be, and now it was over.

Albus raised his head several centimetres then dropped it hard against the cold counter. This was entirely his fault. He was so painfully in love with Scorpius, and he’d gone and ruined it. He’d ruined it because he’d been afraid, afraid of what lay ahead for them. It was stupid and selfish, but it had been done, and now they had to live with it.

Looking at his watch, he saw that it was far past midnight. Scorpius would probably be asleep by now. Albus gathered his things and quickly made for the Slytherin dormitories.

Albus slowly opened the door to his room, cursing at himself when it creaked loudly. To his surprise, the room was still lit, and the dark green curtains around Scorpius’s bed were not yet drawn. Albus shut the door behind him, and purposefully walked toward his bed, looking only directly in front of his feet. He quietly deposited his books in his trunk, and quickly pulled on his pyjamas.

“Er… Goodnight, then,” Albus said, crawling into his bed and allowing himself to glance over in Scorpius’s direction. To his surprise, he saw that Scorpius was curled up on his side, sleeping. He was fully clothed, and his copy of Advanced Potion Making lay open next to him.

Albus lifted his covers and got out of bed. He needed to wake Scorpius up. It would be cruel to let him spend the night like that, still wearing his shoes and everything.

“Scorpius…” Albus said, standing couple of inches away from the other boy’s bed, “Scorpius! Wake up.”

Scorpius didn’t stir. He was a deep sleeper. Nothing short of a giant troll bursting into his room could wake him once he was like this. Albus walked all the way up to the side of Scorpius’s bed and gently shook him.

“Sco. Wake up?” Albus whispered. Knowing it was no use, Albus reached over to where Scorpius had Advanced Potion Making lying open. He picked up the book, folded the page down, and set it on Scorpius’s nightstand. Scorpius looked so peaceful. Since they had come back to Hogwarts, Albus hadn’t seen him like this, so vulnerable and small. They’d spent the past two and a half weeks pretending to be friends or just avoiding each other. Something inside Albus’s chest twinged, and his vision became blurry with tears. Wiping them away, Albus hesitated for a moment before gently reaching down to take off Scorpius's shoes. Having overcome his initial uncertainty, he made quick work of Scorpius’s green and silver tie, and undid the first few buttons of his uniform shirt. Not daring to go any farther, Albus shook open the blanket from the foot of the bed and covered Scorpius, tucking the bedding in around his shoulders.

Before he could stop himself, Albus reached down and softly brushed his fingers through Scorpius’s blonde hair. He wanted nothing more then to crawl into bed next to him, and hold him close all night, just how they’d been doing for as long as Albus could remember. Resisting this urge, Albus stroked Scorpius’s fringe off his brow and whispered, “Goodnight, love.”

With tears threatening to fall once again, Albus leaned down and softly kissed Scorpius’s temple.

Steeling himself, Albus walked away from Scorpius, turned off the lamps, and crawled back into his bed. He pulled the dark green duvet over his head, and without even bothering to cast a silencing spell, cried himself to sleep.

(We hope you choose both. And then have some chocolate things to cheer yourself up.)


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